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Copper Sulphate

Copper Sulphate Supplier (24%)

Arkon Industries is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier of Copper Sulphate in India. We are famous for our top quality products and for our highly competitive prices. We are the most renowned for copper sulphate in Vadodara, Gujarat.

Copper Sulphate Supplier

Copper Sulfate is an unscented crystalline substance, electric blue in color. It is produced industrially by treating copper metal with hot concentrated sulfuric acid or its oxides with weaken sulfuric corrosive. More seasoned names for this compound incorporate blue disdain, bluestone, poison of copper, and roman hostility


  1. Agriculture Industries as a fertilizer
  2. Other Chemical Industries
  3. Pesticide Industries
  4. Feed Industries

Grade : Fertilizer

CAS NO. : 7758-99-8

Sr. No. Test Parameters UOM Limits
1 Appearance ---- Blue Crystals
2 Copper (as Cu) % 24.00 Min
3 Sulphate Sulphur (as S) % 12.0 Min
4 Matter Insoluble in water % 1.0 Max
5 pH ( 5 % Solution) not less than ---- 3.0
6 Lead (as Pb) % 0.003 Max
7 Cadmium (as Cd) % 0.0025 Max
8 Arsenic (as As) % 0.01 Max


25/50 Kg. HDPE bag with inner liner.


To be stored in dry & well-ventilated area.