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Rubber Industries

Zinc oxide is a key ingredient for vulcanization of rubber. Growing rubber industry is delivering growth of inorganic salt’s market. Our range of chemical prevent the form rubber from sticking to the mold of their shape

Tyre Industries

Zinc Oxide helps as a guard in ultraviolet degradation also add srgnth to rubber compounds and enhance resistance against heat and abrasion

Plastic Industries

We have wide range of chemicals suitable for use in automotive plastics to high performance lubricant additives, or adhesives and coatings to speciality cleaning solutions. ZnS – is a highly purified additive that can be used to enhance coatings and plastics products.

Feed industries

In livestock zinc can be use as trace elements. It has important effects on the animal organism. It is widely use in feed industries. We have wide range of chemicals that are use in feed industries.

Ceramic Industries

Zink Oxide application is completely versatile in ceramic industryIn manufacturing of ceramic tiles ZnO is recommended as standard adhesive. It allows other ingredients to produce intrinsic colors by melting temperature of glaze. Ceramic industry consumes a significant amount of zinc oxide, in particular in ceramic glaze and frit compositions.

Paint Industries

The paint industry uses it in anti-fouling paints and industrial chemicals play a part in the colouring. Oxidation of pure zinc or by roasting it zinc oxide is prepared. Paint pigment is called zinc white.

Pharmaceutical industries

Ferrous Sulphate medication is an iron supplement used to treat or prevent low blood levels of iron. It is use in many pharmaceutical industries.

Agriculture industries

Potassium is needed to complete many essential functions in plants, such as activating enzyme reactions, synthesizing proteins, forming starch and sugars, and regulating water flow in cells and leaves. Often, concentrations of K in soil are too low to support healthy plant growth.

Rubber Industries in Conveyor Belt

Chemicals can be best use, which need good aging and good abrasion resistance for e.g. Conveyor Belt. Like conveyor belt or hoses, zinc oxide is an effective catalyst in the sulfur cross linking of rubber.

Fireworks Industries

Potassium nitrate is the most common oxidizer in fireworks. The most important part in gunpowder is potassium nitrate. It is use for listing and bursting charges for aerial shell. A fuse is use to light the gunpowder, it send the firework skyward it is also responsible for explode.