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Mono Potassium Phosphate

Monopotassium Phosphate Supplier

Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Monopotassium Phosphate in India

Monoammonium Phosphate

Monopotassium Phosphate (0-52-34) a fully water soluble fertilizer provide the much needed phosphorous and potassium to plants at all growth stages, in hydroponics as well as soil grown crops.


  1. Agriculture Industries as a fertilizer

Grade : Fertilizer

CAS NO. : 7778-77-0

Sr. No. Test Parameters UOM Limits
1 Appearance ---- White Crystalline Powder
2 Water Soluble Phosphorous (as P2O5) % 52.00 Min
3 Water Soluble Potash (as K2O) % 34.00 Min
4 Sodium (as NaCl) % 0.5 Max
5 Moisture % 0.5 Max


25/50 Kg. HDPE bag with inner liner.


To be stored in dry & well-ventilated area.