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Zinc Oxide

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Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is an inorganic compounds with the formula ZnO. It's is a white powder that is insoluble in water. Zinc oxide is a present in the Earth's crust as the mineral zincite. That being said, most Zinc oxide used commercially is synthetic. Zinc oxide is commonly found in medical ointments where it used to treat skin irritations.


  1. Tyre Industries
  2. Rubber Industries
  3. Conveyor rubber belt Industries
  4. Paint Industries
  5. Ceramic Industries
  6. Pharmaceutical Industries
  7. Plastic Industries
  8. Agriculture Industries as a fertilizer, Feed Industries

Grade : Fertilizer

CAS NO. : 1314-13-2

Sr. No. Test Parameters UOM Limits
1 Appearance ---- White Amorphous Powder
2 Assay (as ZnO) % 99.00 Min
3 Cadmium (as Cd) PPM 10 Max
4 Iron (as Fe) PPM 250 Max
5 Copper (as Cu) PPM 10 Max
6 Lead (as Pb) PPM 500 Max
7 Manganese (as Mn) PPM 10 Max
8 Surface Area m2/gm 4.50 Min – 6.0 Max
9 Arsenic (as As) PPM 5 Max
10 Acid Insoluble % 0.10 Max
11 Heat loss at 110 Deg. C % 0.15 Max
12 Residue on Sieve (325 Mesh) % 0.10 Max


25/50 Kg. HDPE bag with inner liner.


To be stored in dry & well-ventilated area.